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Start earning a competitive yield on any uninvested $AUD or $USD funds in your Webull account.
Have your uninvested cash earn a return through money market funds and have access to trade whenever you need.
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Trading and Saving. All on the one account.
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Keep your money working whilst you wait for the next trading opportunity.
Simple Set-Up
Simply click ‘Activate Now’ on the Moneybull tab in the Webull app.
More Flexibility for Day Traders
Maintain your buying power while earning cash returns.
Zero monthly fee
All returns belong to you.
The designated money market fund may contain a management fee, which is factored into the net account value of the fund. The currency conversion may incur an additional FX transfer fee. Please refer to https://www.webull.com.au/pricing
Ever wondered what to do with your uninvested cash in your brokerage account? Moneybull is a great place to earn a return on those funds by investing in reputable and regulated money market funds.
Moneybull aims to reshape the landscape of trading and cash management, offering active traders a seamless solution to trade and save within a single account.
How Moneybull works?
Step 1
Auto-calculates your uninvested cash daily
Step 2
Auto-sweeps uninvested cash to money market funds
Step 3
Earn returns with money market funds
Step 4
Auto-redeems when you trade in the market
You have the freedom to exit Moneybull as you wish.
Whether you choose to redeem your funds partially or deactivate the program entirely, the cash will be returned to your Webull Trading Account within 2 business days.
Moneybull allows you to determine the reserve amount you wish to reserve in your account. The reserve amount will not participate in auto-sweep.
Please note that during peak holiday seasons in the US, Hong Kong and Australia, processing times may be extended.
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